About Us


GoHard markets sports medicine, sports protection, and performance aids for active people and athletes. We are relentless in our pursuit of preventing injuries and enhancing performance. GoHard is a family owned business Founded in 2015 out of necessity for proper protection and rehab gear for our own kids, so we can relate even more to the struggles keeping kids properly equipped, protected, and recovering correctly after an injury.

Gohard is in the unique position to support young athletes and coaches from grade school to college and beyond. Based in the suburbs of Atlanta GA, we are focused on delivering the best customer experience day in and day out. We don’t get time outs, we don’t stop due to weather, we play on no matter what and winning for us means pleasing you.


The inspiration for the company stems from our firsthand experience in dealing with youth sports injuries and rehabilitation. Over the years, I have witness hundreds of kids with ill-fitting or poor quality gear participating at sporting events. Protection and rehabilitation goes hand in hand and to date, there’s no one stop shop that offers elite athletes a variety of top quality protection training and Rehab products, So the why for us is very simple. There are far too many injuries at all ages in the competitive youth sports. Better protective and rehabilitative gear will keep the athletes safe and heal from injuries quicker and will allow them to play harder with confidence.


Protecting your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We use state-of-the-art encryption technology (SSL) to protect your credit card/personal information. We sometimes email you to alert you of special sales or new arrivals, but you are free to opt-out of these messages with one click. Need more info? View our privacy and security policies.


GoHard mission is to be the premier family friendly provider of Tier 1 protective and rehab gear for elite sports participants. We’re committed to partnering with companies who are dedicated to enhancing performance and safety for young athletes through the application of technology, science, research and innovation and are on the leading edge of product development.


The Go Hard core values that we live by are as follows:

  • We consider our customers and athletes first.
  • We value innovation, seek to partner with pioneers in our industry.
  • We have a passion for winning as a team.



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